Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Yes, the film is amazing. John Scalzi was right in saying that it feels like you’re seeing an ex-boyfriend and he has come out of rehab. Like Scalzi, I agree that it is not the best science fiction film of 2015 but is a good Star Wars Film.

I see one major strength in the film- its pacing. You were always being propelled forward with the film, always on your toes. While this made for lots of explosions, it also hindered your ability to absorb the world. My warm and fuzzy feelings were mostly out of nostalgia. I understood the world because I had seen the other movies but I felt that the movie did not do enough justice to its new characters. How did the First Order develop? What is their relation to the empire?

I almost wished the film had more quiet moments to story build. I was fascinated with the choice of protagonists yet felt they were hardly given time to reveal their characters amid the boom and pew pew of laser blasters.

I love Star Wars and enjoyed the film very much even if it was very reminiscent of previous films. There is a new weapon that seems very similar to the Death Star; the story of a young Jedi finding his powers and calling is repeated. All in all, I felt it was nostalgia stirring in me, not some profound sense of awe with the new film and its cinematography. I still would recommend this film for any fan of science fiction because the Star Wars world is so rich and satisfying. I suppose I’m just spoiled in expecting more out of story building, especially when compared to the level that can be attained through other mediums like novels. Here is a question: what science fiction movie do you think does a great job of story building and developing its characters?


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