Sci Fi Book Club Update: The Left Hand of Darkness

The Sci Fi Council has spoken and our next big read is Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. Once I am done with it, I will post a full review.

Interestingly enough, or perhaps just conveniently, one of the Sci Fi Council members sent us a link to a speech Le Guin recently gave  at the National Book Award  where she was recognized for her work and gave a profound speech about the current state of affairs in publishing. She laments about the way publishing is increasingly putting pressure on artists to create art that sells and not art for art’s sake.

Though I have no publishing experience, all the books I read about the publishing industry indicate that the pressures on the artist have only increased over the years. To think that it can be a sordid world even for celebrated authors like Le Guin reminds me that it will be an uphill battle but a worthwhile one if I remember freedom. She says we need poetry and visionaries, and I could not agree more!

Freedom in an interconnected world… what a fascinating idea. In our realized cyber-punk world, one would think that freedom in art would be a given, but, apparently, it is not. Instead, our interconnected globe has only  added another layer of complexity as the market and competition has expanded, so that the impoverished artist that follows his vision and not the market’s has trouble ever being heard.


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