A Christmas Dream or Nightmare

I had to play Joseph at the posada...
I had to play Joseph at the posada…

T’was the night before Christmas and the stray dogs had grown quiet. A slight chill ruffled the palm tree crowns, and Alejandro was, surprisingly, in front of a Church. Little did he know that God would use him as his instrument that night as the Magi frantically crowded the outlets to get their last-minute gifts.

He paced back and forth as the crowd grew, all of them enduring the 60 degree cold of south Texas. Down jackets had been zipped up and scarves were shielding faces. While he waited for his father to arrive from setting up the old church, where the congregation would celebrate the final posada, a pudgy woman from the congregation asked him to play the role of Joseph.  He immediately smiled at the thought of wandering through the desolate town and asking for shelter for his high school Virgin Mary wife. The ritual of knocking on people’s door and steering his wife away from pot holes would be enlightenment for his future literary endeavors. He had once again, unexpectedly, become a pilgrim.


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