Excerpt from new novel: AltaTierra

Transcript of audio diary of Joseph

Draw an outline of a star. Now, draw the outline of a human. They almost look the same. When a star dies, it either explodes or swells before finally cooling. Death is evolving and birthing ourselves into other states of being. Heaven is that evolved state where we are free. Paradise is that celestial place where we shall meet our potential, both spiritually and physically. I cannot wait for the day I reach paradise, even if I might not recognize myself in my new form.

Salder be praised. We have begun our journey on our brand new ship, the AltaTierra. In the beginning, there were only a few men that wanted to admit that our mission lied beyond this tiny planet, which had been a good home to our congregation. But when the first reports of sentient beings on other planets first got published in 2020, I knew that our place was spreading the good word to those people, whoever they were.

Then the preparation, the fundraising, pitching, and finally execution. We are visionaries, and people hate us for that. The construction of the AltaTierra started three years ago, and I visited the site, watched the sheets of metal being laid, the spark fly from the ship’s body, and the tiny men that surrounded it.

Take away a man’s home, he still has his spirit. Take away his spirit, he still has the space that it once occupied. The stars have never looked brighter than they do in space. Is this vast expanse of stars the spirit or just the darkness where the spirit once was?

End audio transmission


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